ET300 GPS Tracker is specially used for motorbike tracking. It is IP65 (Waterproof). Features like Internal GPS/GSM antenna.


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ET300 is Very Popular mpdel in GPS Tracking field. GPS positioning accuracy is within 10 meters. Waterproof, 1 years warranty,  and working voltage 9V to 100V. This means, not only working with car, taxi, Van, truck, motorccycle, it’s also working with E-bike, scooters, motorbike.  Moreover, gps device is easy to operate with simply commands.



General Software Features:-



Time Zone Supports more than 10 timezone settings
Multiple Account Support Allow you to setup an account for company user to management many vehicles
Group Management User can manage the vehicle by setup difference groups
Reporting and Export Overview report, Speeding report, Mileage report, Stop Report
SMS and Email Notification Get alert by SMS or Email(optional)
Real-Time Tracking Track the vehicle by real-time
Location History Replay the location history
Communication Failure Monitoring Monitor the vehicle when it is not reporting
Over Speed Monitoring Monitor the vehicle when it is over speed
Online Vehicle Engine Control Turn on or turn off the engine
Geo-fence Notification Set up a zone to monitor the vehicle enter or exit this zone.
Landmark Mark the new point in the map by yourself

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